Tychy, Poland, 2022-07-04

Intelligent Transportation System in Tychy

Projects NeuroCar

In July 2022, Neurosoft, in cooperation with General Contractor Yunex (Siemens), completed the implementation of five key subsystems as part of the ITS Tychy project. Neurosoft’s task was to implement NeuroCar systems for vehicle identification, transit time determination, red light crossing control, weighing of moving vehicles and parking space occupancy detection.

Vehicle identification is based on automatic vehicle detection, recognition of the license plate (ANPR), color, manufacturer and model version – this information is linked to the location where the vehicle was detected, time stamp and photo. In Tychy, 78 ANPR points have been activated. Using vehicle identification, the NeuroCar system also calculates average travel times on the indicated sections (132 sections). Such times are then fed to the traffic light control system.

Parking space detection is operating in 11 parking lots in the city center. The NeuroCar system detects the occupancy of parking spaces using cameras and magnetic sensors. Data from more than 1,600 parking spaces is sent to the central system and is displayed in real time on message boards.

Traffic safety is monitored by red light crossing detection systems (3 intersections), overweight vehicle detection systems (5 checkpoints), and section speeding detection systems (10 sections). The data collected by these systems is made available to the relevant services, which can use it to conduct traffic control. Drivers exceeding the speed limit in a section receive immediate information in the form of a message on an information board.