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Warsaw, Poland, 2023-10-02
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XV Polish ITS Congress

The 15th edition of the Polish Congress of Intelligent Transportation Systems - the largest national industry event dedicated to transportation systems - will be held in Warsaw on October 9-10, 2023. The event, organized by the ITS Poland association, brings together both manufacturers and suppliers of ITS systems and recipients - central administration or local government units.

Tychy, 2023-07-31
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WIM calibration in Tychy

In the last week of July this year, calibration and quality check took place for five Weigh-in-Motion stations, which were installed last year as part of the ITS Tychy project. The WIM stations control the entry of heavy vehicles into the city on all major transit roads. Each vehicle is automatically weighed and when it exceeds the permissible limits of total weight, or axle load on the pavement - it is identified, photographed, and a record of the violation is placed in the CSR Tychy database. Such information is transmitted in real time to WITD inspectors.

Katowice, Poland, 2023-06-15
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Traffic surveys in Upper Silesia

In June 2023, another system of measuring stations for the continuous measurement of vehicle traffic (SCPR) on roads managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Katowice was launched. Nine measuring stations equipped with NeuroCar LOOP – Model 4 – recording devices with built-in continuous quality control system were launched. The task of the SCPR stations is to monitor traffic at a given point (27/4) and provide aggregated measurement data on a daily basis.

Wrocław, Poland, 2023-06-07
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Red Light in Lesnica

In early June 2023. The General Inspectorate of Road Transport launched Poland's first automatic red light crossing control system, installed at a railroad crossing. The system was launched in Wroclaw's Lesnica district, on national road No. 94, which crosses the AGC "Wroclaw-Legnica" international railroad line. The system registers all vehicles that do not stop in front of the crossing when the traffic signal gives a red signal. In addition, vehicles that perform an overtaking maneuver within the railroad crossing and just before it are also registered. Digital evidence of offenses, in the form of photos and videos, is immediately sent to CANARD headquarters in Warsaw.

Chorzow, Poland, 2023-06-01
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Droniada for the tenth time

The 10th edition of Droniada this year was held on June 1-4, at the Silesian Park in Chorzów and the Katowice-Muchowiec airport. Droniada is an event organized for universities, research and development centers, local governments and companies involved in UAV technologies. This year, a representation of NeuroSpace also participated in Droniada.

Warsaw, Poland, 2023-03-30
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LegalTech Forum 2023

On March 30, 2023, the "LegalTech Forum 2023" industry conference took place in Warsaw, organized by C.H. Beck Publishing. The aim of the conference was to enable lawyers to participate in discussions with practitioners, representatives from IT companies, and the academic community on the developmental trends in the utilization of modern technologies in the daily work of law firms and legal departments.

Lublin, Poland, 2023-01-09
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Restricted zone in Lublin

In January 2023, a system for automatic registration of vehicles moving in the Old Town area of Lublin was launched - the investor was the Lublin Municipality. The system allows managing the list of authorized vehicles and reporting violations in real time. The main component of the system are cameras for recognizing vehicle registration numbers mounted at all entrances to the Old Town.

USA / Mexico, 2022-12-04
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Economic mission to the US and Mexico

From 24.11.22 to 03.12.22 representatives of Neurosoft participated in a trade mission to the USA and Mexico. During their stay they took part in many interesting meetings, during which they presented the latest technological solutions, including the NeuroCar product line. As part of their planned visits to the US, they met with partners and potential customers in San Diego and San Francisco. They then visited the headquarters of a local partner in Mexico City and toured the C5 traffic control center in Aguascalientes.

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