Warsaw, Poland, 2024-06-14

ITS Systems for Road Safety Conference

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A conference organized by the ITS Poland Association and the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) on the role of intelligent transportation systems in supporting road safety was held in Warsaw on June 14. The event brought together more than 100 experts from the business sector, organizations, universities and research institutes.

Photos © Anna Bąbel, ITS POLAND

The main theme of the conference was road safety control, in particular the detection of oversized vehicles (overweight and oversized), detection of vehicles moving at excessive speed and vehicles ignoring traffic lights. The technical issues were discussed – the possibilities and limitations of recording devices of various types – but also cybersecurity, as well as formal and legal issues in the field of imposing penalties for detected violations.

The introductory word was given by Dr. Marek Litwin, President of the ITS Poland Association, and Mr. Artur Czapiewski, Acting Chief Road Transport Inspector:

“We are strongly interested in acquiring and developing ITS systems within our infrastructure. By streamlining our work, we can only do it by automating certain processes, collecting data and analyzing it. I believe that taking a closer look at the entire spectrum of the legal environment will show what needs to be done to increase the effectiveness of our activities.”

– Mr. Czapiewski said.

In the next part of the conference, presentations were given by Mr. Marcin Mroczkowski (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Road Transport Inspector Marcin Mroczkowski. Director of WITD in Bydgoszcz) and Mr. Damian Wiktorzak (Deputy Director of the Centre for Automatic Road Traffic Supervision CANARD). Tasks in the scope of legal metrology carried out by the Central Office of Measures were discussed by Mr. Robert Ziółkowski, and cybersecurity issues were presented by Mr. Michał Mosiądz. The second part of the conference featured a number of interesting papers on technical and metrological aspects related to the disclosure of violations. These papers were prepared by scientists representing leading research centres in Poland: Dr. DSc, Eng Tomasz Kamiński from the Road and Bridge Research Institute, Dr. DSc, Eng Piotr Burnos from the Department of Metrology at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Dr. DSc, Eng Dawid Ryś from the Department of Transport Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Dr. DSc, Eng. Mariusz Kieć from the Department of Roads, Railways and Traffic Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology and Ms. Monika Wasilewska from the Department of Acoustics, Multimedia and Signal Processing of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

In the following part of the conference, technical solutions from companies – the technological leaders providing road safety solutions, were presented by: Camea, Idemia, iWIM, Neurosoft, Sprint and Vitronic.

Cezary Dołęga, Vice President of Neurosoft, gave a presentation on practical issues related to the control of red-light passing of vehicles. The main purpose of the lecture was to outline the most common problems: proper placement of detectors at the intersection, visual detection of the status of the traffic signal at unfavorable lighting, and obtaining a clear image of the driver in the evidence photo.

The conference concluded with the initiation of working groups on the necessary legal changes in the context of allowing modern technologies used on the territory of EU members to be used in improving road safety in Poland, as well as the necessary legal changes in the context of rapid penalization of violations.

More information about the ITS and GITD conferences can be found on the organizers’ websites: