Wrocław, Poland, 2024-05-21

Quality verification of CCS stations

Projects NeuroCar

The verification of the quality of operation of Continuous Count Stations (CCS) for the equipment providing data to the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) was completed today. Tests were conducted for 19 stations operating in the Lower Silesian and Silesian voivodeships. Control measurements were performed in accordance with the GDDKiA procedure, comparing the results provided by the traffic counter with manually verified results collected by the appropriate reference system.

As part of the long-term contracts with GDDKiA Wrocław and GDDKiA Katowice, Neurosoft provides data on traffic volume and type structure for the following locations:

  • Lower Silesia
    • DK35 Gniechowice
    • DK5 Dobromierz
    • DK8 Łagiewniki
    • DK94d Mazurowice
    • DK94d Zebrzydowa
    • DK94 Groblice
    • DK30 Olszyna
    • DK12 Górczyna
    • S3 Jawor
    • S3 Lubin
  • Upper Silesia
    • DK78 Kroczyce
    • DK46 Kolonia-Lisów
    • DK91 Siewierz
    • S52 Bielsko-Biała
    • DK81 Zbytków
    • DK78 Celiny
    • DK86 Wojkowice
    • A4 Łany
    • S86 Katowice

The agreement provides for regular quality control through follow-up measurements. In the case of above-mentioned stations, the inspection took place in the form of 24-hour tests conducted on April 24 and May 8 this year.

The tests utilized the unique features of the NeuroCar VC (Vehicle Counting) system, which collects information about individual vehicle passages in the form of metadata linked to a photo of each vehicle. Additionally, the NeuroCar VC system records video from an overview camera and captures analog signals from induction loops connected to traffic counters.

The metadata extracted from the traffic counters is then compared with the results of the analysis of the video recording and the signal from the inductive loops. A special set of tools enables the quick identification of data inconsistencies and manual verification of quality. Thanks to significant automation, including manual verification, data processing takes only a few days.

The tests have confirmed that NeuroCar’s devices deliver high-quality data (TLS A2), as declared in the contract.