Warsaw, Poland, 2023-10-12

Summary of the 15th edition of Polish ITS Congress

Events NeuroCar

On October 9-10, 2023, Neurosoft participated in the 15th anniversary of the Polish Congress of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Warsaw. The ITS Congress is a response to the challenges of the ICT market in transportation, the changing expectations of it, both technical and social, and the challenges in its legal environment.

The 15th anniversary edition was attended by more than 240 people from IT companies, government bodies, local authorities, universities and research institutes. Experts and practitioners from the ITS industry as well as representatives of the academic world raised issues related to the latest technologies in transport, seen both from the perspective of transport infrastructure and the vehicles. During two days of the congress, participants could talk directly to companies about the presented products and technologies.

During the congress, visitors to the Neurosoft booth were able to get acquainted with a wide range of solutions answering the questions of the ITS industry, in particular solutions from the NeuroCar product line. Our license plate recognition (Vehicle Identification) and WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) systems were presented live, as well as solutions for handling parking lots (PARK Spots) and restricted zone entry (Access Control, Rescricted Area). Guests were also able to see NeuroCar’s latest product in person – the intelligent FLOW 3 Camera for image processing in edge computing applications.

The focal point of the congress was a discussion session titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Cloud”, chaired by CEO Janusz Wrobel. The presenters touched upon the use of AI technologies in increasing the efficiency of traffic management, the role of neural networks in traffic prediction, or the relevance of cyber security in ITS systems. As part of his original speech on “Applications of artificial intelligence in intelligent transport systems and road safety”, the president of Neurosoft touched upon important topics in the field of accident prediction and prevention based on learned traffic patterns using a deep neural network. At the same time, the legal aspect of using AI in vehicle monitoring and tracking was also highlighted.

Thank you kindly for the opportunity to participate in such an important event as the 15th Anniversary ITS Congress.