Wrocław, Poland, 2024-02-19

Team Project Conference 2024

Education NeuroSoft

On February 19 this year, the selection of topics within the “Team Project Conference” organized at the Wroclaw University of Technology began. The event is an element of the educational process prepared for third-year students of the WIT and WEFiM faculties. The topics of the projects were submitted by Wroclaw companies – the companies also participate in their implementation. The end of the project is a conference where students publicly present their achievements.

The first time an event of this type was held in 2013, and Neurosoft was one of the companies initiating the event. Year after year, the number of company-participants increased, and the Conference became a permanent part of the timeline of the undergraduate program. Last year, a total of 24 projects were submitted to the finals, of which three projects were awarded.

Neurosoft has prepared two projects this year:

  • LexChat – “LLM-based legal advisor” – the task is to create a prototype of the system answering questions from the field of Polish law (using a corpus of data developed by NeuroLex – legal provisions of the rulings of common courts), which uses LLM technology. It is expected to use different LLM models: GPT4 or Llama.

  • GeoPlan – “geospatial planning system for a swarm of drones” – the task is to develop an editor for interactive input of geolocation data of various objects (on a map) that support a system composed of a swarm of drones carrying out a specific mission. The editor should allow to enter infrastructure elements (e.g. active ground stations, airstrips, etc.) but also areas excluded from operations. A separate subtask is also the flight planning module (on the map).

Implementation of the projects begins from February 28 this year. More details can be found on the Conference website, at: https://kpz.pwr.edu.pl.